A “coal tar free”, high performance two-component polyurethane coating engineered for applications in Marine, Industrial and Pipeline industries. This low friction, high abrasion and impact resistant coating is used on exterior hulls to reduce ad-freezing of ships provide abrasion and corrosion protection. Further, it is used to coat marine pilings and docks where impact and abrasion resistance is required and cathodic protection is utilized. Available in Spray Grade and Brush Grade.

Product Type
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SP-1864® PDS English
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SP-1864 Activator SDS 1-29-2021 English
SP-1864 Base SDS 1-29-2021 English
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SP-1864 App Spec - Spray Grade (Steel Substrate) English

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to high temperature cathodic disbonding up to 65˚C (149˚F)
  • Excellent adhesion to steel surfaces, Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE), Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and concrete
  • High build one-coat application
  • 100% solids – Does not contain coal tar
  • Excellent fresh and salt water, impact and abrasion resistance