With a primary focus on the pipeline industry, SPC has become one of the largest suppliers of 100% solids, liquid coatings in the pipeline industry around the globe. SPC pipeline coatings are always evolving using state of the art technology.


SPC is a manufacturer of top performing 100% solids, marine coatings, that carry Lloyd’s Register of shipping approval and can be used for applications such as ship hulls & decks, pilings & docks, ballast tanks and marine pipelines.

Storage Tanks

SPC is an established manufacturer of high performance, tank linings, which are used by leading tank owners, operators, and coating contractors. SPC tank lining solutions are a complete coating system serving the tank marketplace.


SPC manufactures coating systems designed for excellent industrial protection with focus on edge retention, flexibility, adhesion and ease of application.

Water & Wastewater

SPC’s solvent free, 100% solids, are quick curing, thick coatings ideally suited to internally line and externally coat potable drinking water pipelines and holding tanks.

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