SPC Announces New Product Release

SP-3888® FC is a specially formulated version of SP-3888® based on modified novolac epoxy chemistry. SP-3888® FC is designed for the repair of damaged fusion bond epoxy (FBE) and other liquid applied pipeline coatings where quick curing and handling is required.


SP-3888® FC has an excellent high temperature cathodic disbondment resistance up to 95˚C (203˚F). SP-3888® FC is available in 50ml and 450ml Repair Cartridges.


SP-3888® FC is designed to be used externally and/or internally for repairs of damaged corrosion and abrasion coatings such as FBE, liquid epoxy and polyurethanes as well as 3LPE and PP. SP-3888® FC is also suitable as a direct to metal corrosion coating, internal lining or an ARO for slip bores and horizontal directional drills (HDD).


Features & Benefits

  • Fast cure for quick handling and return to service
  • Easily applied by cartridge dispensers
  • Outstanding chemical and water absorption resistance
  • Excellent wetting out properties
  • High abrasion and impact resistance


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