With a primary focus on the pipeline industry, SPC has become one of the largest suppliers of 100% solids, liquid coatings around the globe. SPC pipeline coatings are continually evolving using state of the art technology.

SPC first gained distinction in the pipeline industry. We ensure pipeline integrity through our line of 100% solids, no VOC’s, high performance epoxies, novolac epoxies, epoxy urethanes and polyurethanes. Our performance coating systems have evolved alongside advancement in pipeline technology, providing the industry with a greater diversity of coating and lining solutions.

SPC products protect against an array of in service and environmental conditions. Innovations include the development of low temperature curing coatings, high abrasion resistant coatings (ARO), high temperature resistant coatings and a damp surface cure coating. SPC provides pipeline integrity solutions to the Oil and Gas sector.

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