Coating Type
SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy is a two-component ambient cured epoxy based on novel leading edge technology. SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy can be used in applications where abrasive blasting is not possible or feasible. SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy exhibits excellent adhesion on metal substrates prepared as per SSPC SP-11 Surface Preparation Specification.
Recommended uses for coating of On-shore and off-shore structures and pipe, sewer lines, general piping, dam gates, penstocks, lining of tanks and sewage digesters, lining of open-top gondola railcars used for transporting sulphur and coal. Advantages: good flexibility, excellent resistance to sea and fresh water, good acid and abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion to steel surfaces, fusion bonded epoxy, Fiber Reinforced Plastic and concrete.
Used for coating of ship hulls, rudders, marine pilings, docks and ballast tanks. Ideally used for coating of pipe intended for slip bore/directional drill applications and for rehabilitating large sections of existing pipeline with automated equipment. Also for coating of pipe, valves, fittings, fabricated assemblies, girth welds, rehabilitation (recoating) of existing pipelines and coating repairs.
SP-2832 is a 100% solids technologically advanced epoxy coating for use in the Oil and Gas Industry. It has superior anti-corrosive properties on the exterior of steel pipelines for above and below ground service.
Epoxy / Urethane
Used for coating of girth welds, as well as valves, fittings, pipe, ballast tanks, ships and marine structures. Ideally suited for coating of pipe to be used for slip bore/directional drilling due to its superior abrasion, impact and gouge resistance properties. Also for exterior coatings of pipelines in buried or immersed services. Advantage: excellent adhesion to grit blasted steel surfaces, Fusion Bond Epoxy and Fiber Reinforced Plastic.
Used for high temperature operating pipelines, compressor / pump station discharge piping, recycle lines, valves, fittings, girth weld coatings, rehabilitation of existing pipelines, and suitable for certain tank lining applications. Advantages: excellent adhesion to grit blasted steel surfaces, Fusion Bond Epoxy, liquid epoxy, and urethane coatings.
Used for exterior coatings of pipe, valves and fittings used in buried or immersed services. Advantages: good flexibility, excellent impact resistance, excellent resistance to high temperature cathodic disbonding up to 150 degrees C and excellent adhesion to grit blasted steel surfaces, Fusion Bond Epoxy and Fiber Reinforced Plastic.
Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy
SP-8988 is a unique “Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy” composite pipe coating. The highly cross-linked Ceramic Phenolic Novolac Epoxy matrix makes SP-8988 pipe coating ideal for high temperature service, cathodic disbonding resistance up to 180°C (356°F). Superior hot pull off adhesion even on 150°C (302°F) coating surface. SP-8988 provides long lasting wear and abrasion resistance plus excellent corrosion protection.
SP-9800 is a two component ambient cure epoxy Gas Transmission Pipe Flow Efficiency coating. It is a coating for Internal Gas Transmission Pipelines to improve gas flow and corrosion protection. SP-9800 meets the requirements of API Specification RP 5L2. Advantages: • 100% Solids - No VOCs. • Good flexibility. • Excellent water resistance. • Excellent anti-corrosion protection during storage life.
Novolac Epoxy
SP-98130 is another of SPC’s latest development in tank lining technology. Uses include storage tanks, sewer and waste treatment plants. To order SP-98130 or if you have any questions please call or email SPC, via the above link.
Novolac Epoxy
SP-9887 GF is a Glass Flake reinforced Novolac epoxy coating for use on tanks, pipes, steel structures, offshore platforms and subsea structures. SP-9887 GF cures to form a coating film with overlapping layers of glass flakes that resists water and chemical permeation. SP-9887 GF can be used as a lining for storage tanks, ballast tanks, separation vessels, sewage tanks and digesters, waste troughs, and pipelines containing crude oil.
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