SP-1386 & SP-1842 KTA ETL01-109
SP-1386 EVS Toxicity Testing
SP-1386 PowerTech
SP-1386 TISI Report

SP-1864 Marine

SP-1868 Tuff-Tank Charter Coatings Evaluation

SP-2888 Powercrete and Nap-Guard Test
SP-2888 Spray Grade Various Tests I
SP-2888 Spray Grade Various Tests II
SP-2888 Spray Static Friction Test
SP-2888 Spray with Brush Hardener Blue Test
SP-2888 TISI
SP-2888 TISI Heated Steel
SP-2888 Tested to CSA Z245.20.06 specification1
SP-2888 TCPL Report

SP-3888 Alberta Research Council
SP-3888 Nova Gas Girth Welds
SP-3888 TCPL
SP-3888 TISI 05-1750-1
SP-3888 TISI 05-1814-1
SP-3888 TISI Cold Weather

SP-4888 Charter Coatings Cathodic Dispondment
SP-4888 Charter Coatings Evaluation
SP-4888 ITI Moisture Permeation 01-1325
SP-4888 Lab Testing JN445-02

SP-6888 ITI 00-1095A
SP-6888 KTA Tator Ref ETL01-105
SP-6888 TCPL
SP-6888 TISI 05-2444-1
SP-6888 TISI Thermal & Gouge 05-2396-2
SP-6888 TransCanada
SP-8888 Charter Coatings Evaluation
SP-9888 Charter Coatings Evaluation

SPC - Polyurethane on steel ref 5
SPC - Polyurethane over Napgard TISI Report 05-1705-2
SPC - Polyurethane TISI Report 05-3316-2
SPC - Polyurethane Zebron City of LA


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