Product Coating Type Description


Urethane Recommended as a topcoat for Specialty Polymer Coatings Inc. SP-5885 and other SPC epoxy coatings where UV protection and colour and gloss retention are primary considerations.


Epoxy SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy is a two-component ambient cured epoxy based on novel leading edge technology. SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy can be used in applications where abrasive blasting is not possible or feasible. SP-1288 G.P. Epoxy exhibits excellent adhesion on metal substrates prepared as per SSPC SP-11 Surface Preparation Specification.


Polyurethane Used for coating of ship hulls, rudders, marine pilings, docks and ballast tanks. Ideally used for coating of pipe intended for slip bore/directional drill applications and for rehabilitating large sections of existing pipeline with automated equipment. Also for coating of pipe, valves, fittings, fabricated assemblies, girth welds, rehabilitation (recoating) of existing pipelines and coating repairs.

SP-5885 SF

Epoxy SP-5885 SF replaces SP-5885. It is used for lining of tanks, piping and structures containing salt water, jet fuel, aliphatic hydrocarbons and associated products. Also used as corrosion resistant coating for structural steel, storage tanks and equipment in refineries pulp and paper mills and chemical plants.

SP-9887 GF

Novolac Epoxy SP-9887 GF is a Glass Flake reinforced Novolac epoxy coating for use on tanks, pipes, steel structures, offshore platforms and subsea structures. SP-9887 GF cures to form a coating film with overlapping layers of glass flakes that resists water and chemical permeation. SP-9887 GF can be used as a lining for storage tanks, ballast tanks, separation vessels, sewage tanks and digesters, waste troughs, and pipelines containing crude oil.
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