Brush Grade Dispenser

Used for Small rehabilitation jobs (100ft or less) and extensively in new construction (girthwelds and tie-in's). It is also used for repairs.

Environmental Benefit: Significantly reducing waste (for every girthweld it saves 2 plastic buckets from the garbage dump as they are non-recyclable). It also reduces material waste as there is no longer product left on the sides of the plastic containers.

Labour Savings: It offers reduced man hours ... 2 less labourers are required on the coating crew as there is no mixing required ... it is dispensed.

Safety Benefit: The coating is mixed on ratio (a key for curing) and without air being entraped into the mixture, this reduces the amount of repairs required after holiday testing (the most common occurence for holidays (outside of insects) is air entrapment in the coating.)

Cost Savings Benefit: The material is available on an as required basis if you need 1.25 liters (you dispense 1.25 liters... as opposed to mixing up 2 x 1 liter kits.)

Click here to view the dispenser video.

Hydracat (Spray Solution)

SPC endorses the Graco Hydracat Machine as the machine to spray 100% solids liquid epoxy and polyurethane coatings, the Hydracat system is a plural component spray machine and is used for applying the aforementioned coatings on any large scale basis i.e. directional drill pipe, in-situ rehabilitation of existing pipe, and any other large application whether it be done in-situ or in-plant.

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